What We Do

Life is evolving and so is technology, in leaps and bounds. Data Science has proven to be a phenomenal tool that empowers the information-rich section of the world.
We aspire to enable businesses worldwide to explore their potential by supporting them with our expertise in technology, artificial intelligence and statistic-based analytics.
In short, we try to create a vista of big data that may be puzzling you in the field of capital market, energy and agriculture.

Stay Connected With Vista Markets Analytics

There was a time, not very long ago that people used to wait for ages, to get a hint of some development. News today is omnipresent, thanks to social media. However, while quantum of news has grown manifolds, making sense of the same has become that much difficult. Further the world is moving from searing news to getting news as recommendations. We have an even sophisticated system for you to make life simpler. Why not make a meaning of news and large texts that is recommended to you and analyze the possible impacts as well in a flash? Stay connected with Vista News Analytics system.

For your benefits to reword the above appropriately please consider the following :
We will design a dashboard which will showcase sentiments and opinions expressed by various stakeholders who are linked to financial markets. The dashboard will help people – traders and investors – to understand the possible direction of stocks and other instruments that are listed on exchanges like NSE, BSE, MCX etc. Some of the popular instruments like Nifty50, Bank Nifty and underlying stocks will be analyzed. Sophisticated econometric models will be used to forecast trends in markets. Sentiments captured in social media will also be on display.
We have a lot more. As a product philosophy, we have that one size may not fit all. We will enhance your capabilities as per your wish. Talk to Vista at info@vistaintelligence.ai

Life At Vista

We do believe that you will enjoy being at Vista. We are currently operating out of the City of Joy, Kolkata. At the organization level, we do have a few philosophies to follow. We are gender agnostic. We do not ask caste, creed, and religion.

We are fiercely Indians, by nature. We celebrate Independence Day, Gandhi Birthday, Republic Day and of course, Vista’s Birthday. We also celebrate few festivals like Durga Puja, Diwali etc. The office remains closed as per Vista’s designated holidays.

We believe in partying hard, but working even harder. And we do not give up till we hit a dead-end.
Vista has a rulebook, specific to its team. Among other things, it says that certain things like work ethics and integrity are not open for discussion.
If you have read it and believe that you have same thoughts, then you may be the person we want to talk to.

Work With Vista

Nothing gives us more pleasure than working with professionals whose vision of the future is similar to ours. Our current vacancies are advertised in this section from time to time. You need to apply online. Once shortlisted, you will hear from us quickly. You need to send an email to info@vistaintelligence.ai