What if we ask you to stop running, stack your system with information, train it further and wait for it to churn out magic. Magic, which will give you the ability to foretell - what will work best, and what will not. Welcome to Vista Intelligence - VI for AI.
Vista is a team of professionals from domains like capital markets, agriculture, energy etc. and subject matter expects covering fields of statistics and artificial intelligence.

Markets Analytics

There was a time, not very long ago that people used to wait for ages, to get a hint of some development. News today is omnipresent, thanks to social media. Vista aims to present user friendly analytics with regard to financial and agriculture markets to begin with.


Work with Vista

Nothing gives us more pleasure than working with professionals whose vision of the future is similar to ours. Our current vacancies are advertised in this section from time to time.


Life at Vista

We do believe that you will enjoy being at Vista. We are currently operating out of the City of Joy, Kolkata.